atomic choruses


atomic choruses

Cambridge Female Composers Festival
St. Clement’s Church

2 March 2019

Featuring a Q&A with Sylvia Lim & Janet Oates

Sung by Robbie Haylett, Ruari Paterson-Achenbach, Anna Wagner, Joanna Ward, Alice Webster, Louis Wilson

Curated and directed by Sasha Amaya & Naomi Woo

For more on the Cambridge Female Composers Festival, click here.



Hildegard von Bingen O Ignis Spiritus paracliti

Janet Oates Atomic Choruses (2014, rev. 2017)
From Poems and Fancies (1653) by Margaret Cavendish

Hildegard von Bingen O Ignis Spiritus paracliti

Alison Knowles Piece for Any Number of Vocalists (1962)

Sylvia Lim paper wings (2015)

Yoko Ono Lighting Piece (1955)

Kerry Andrew CoMAblues (2016) – From Blues by bpNichol